Bianco Lasa

Bianco Lasa

Bianco Lasa

The Bianco Lasa Matte is a marble looking tile that is in the heart of the Dolomites marble family. This tile looks elegant, refined and harmonious. The tile mixes very light tones with a mostly white background and has degraded grey veining. The Bianco Lasa Matte expanded the series to the 12″ x 35″ SLIMRECT format with rectified white body coating to make a seamless look.

Architects and Designers around the world enjoy the simplicity of this tile. We can place it in both modern and classic environments. Silky texture and matte finish. Decorated the series with the TRESS relief and can coordinate it with the 24″ x 24″ floor or wall tile.




Azulev Groupo


Bianco Lasa


Bianco, Tress


12"x35", 24"x24"


Floor, Wall, Wall & Tile

Wall Tile

Floor Tile




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