Diana Royal

Diana Royal

Create a feeling of refined grace with the Diana Royal Collection. Inspired by the swirling fawns and creams of a forgotten era, the versatility of Diana Royal’s refined marbles allows you to create a royal décor on floors, walls, or countertops. With multiple shapes, sizes and patterns, the luxury you desire can be yours. The elegance of marble transcends trend. The Diana Royal Modern Polished Collection follows in footsteps of elegance established by the classical pursuits of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Movement and grace bring each piece to life as a unique note in the symphony of a space.


Diana Royal


0.5"x12", 10.375"x12", 11"X17", 12"x12", 12"x24", 18"x18", 2.75"x5.5", 2"x12", 24"x24", 36"x36", 5.0625"x12", 5.5"x5.5", 6"x12"


Wall & Floor, Trim, Other


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